Sleep Apnea

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Helping Leawood Get More Rest<br /> With Dental Intervention

Helping Leawood Get More Rest
With Dental Intervention

Nightguards are a customized oral appliance worn during sleep, alleviating snoring and disruptive breathing by aligning your teeth and jaw to the appropriate position. Since many patients who suffer from sleep apnea also experience other dental problems, such as grinding and clenching, nightguards can protect teeth from excess wear and prevent pain and headaches cause by clenching. Dental therapy for sleep apnea can have a major impact on your overall wellness, as alignment of the jaw can also address some TMD issues.

We also believe that children should receive early screenings for airway issues, as the sooner the problem is recognized the better. If you notice your child snoring or grinding their teeth when they sleep, or if your child primarily breathes through their mouth, they may have airway problems. At this young age, teeth can become very crowded as adult teeth start to develop. We also evaluate the size of the child’s tonsils and adenoid tissue to ensure they aren’t causing an airway obstruction. If you suspect your child may have a form of sleep apnea, the team at Dental Health by Herre is here for you. We know that education is essential, and we’ll take all the time necessary to help parents make informed choices about their child’s care.

If you’re waking up feeling tired all the time, it may be related to incorrect positioning of your jaw and muscles, which causes airway obstruction. Visit our office for a consultation and see how our dental therapy can help you get a more restful night sleep.

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